Shiras moose

The Shiras moose is one of the most majestic animals in the Rocky Mountain West.  The decline in calf retention and viable habitat due to miss management of forests looks to threaten the continued presence of the Shiras moose in the Rocky Mountain west.  Your investment in the Shiras moose will go directly towards documentation equipment, study of habitat, and educational outreach to help with the conservation of the Shiras moose in North America. For the continued viability of the Shiras moose it is imperative to educate the populace with credible, up to date data: your generous contribution will go towards visual documentation, expert analysis, and public distribution with the sole purpose of educating the populace on how to mitigate further decline of Shiras moose populations. We will work diligently to provide an unbiased wealth of knowledge that guides the decisions pertaining to Shiras moose populations within the Rocky Mountain west.  All donors who contribute $25 or more, and provide their shipping information, will receive a professional quality print as a thank you.

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All images © 2008-2017 Doug Spriggs All Rights Reserved

All images © 2008-2019 Doug Spriggs All Rights Reserved